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Health care coverage for

Individual & Families

How does it work ?


How does it work ?

  • Enter Basic Information

    Fill in basic family details and get started

  • Find Plans

    Enjoy the Guided Shopping Experience:

    1. We generate a Quick Quote for you
    2. Answer some really simple questions to help our experts find, filter, and suggest right plans for you.
  • Compare and Select plans

    After you find a bunch of plans, you can use the in-built filters to narrow down your list. Some of these filters include

    1. Carriers
    2. Plan Year Deductible
    3. Co-Insurance
    4. Out of Pocket Maximum
    5. Monthly Premium
    6. Providers

    Now, compare and analyse plan features, and add them to your cart. You can save the quote for future or process it right away.

  • Apply Online

    Register and complete the Enrollment process. At any step, you can cancel the application